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After a violent shipwreck and after having disappeared and believed dead for five years, the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is rescued with life in an island of the Pacific. Back home in Starling City, Oliver is received by his mother, his sister and his best friend, those who quickly noticed that the terrible experience suffered what has changed. On the other hand, Oliver is of hide the truth about in who is has become while is of amend them errors that committed in the last and of reconcile is with your ex girlfriend, Laurel Lance. While Oliver is of return to contact to them people of his last playing the role of the womanizing wealthy, carefree and careless that used to be, aided by his faithful chauffeur and bodyguard John Diggle, It creates the character of a righteous hooded secret, a vigilante that fight against the evils of it society trying to of give you to your city it glory that before had; complicating this mission, It is the Detective Lance, the father of Laurel, who is determined to put to the watchdog after the bars.


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