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Café con Aroma de Mujer

Colombian soap opera created by Fernando Gaitán and produced by RCN Television for the missing channel in 1994. She was starring Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker, and it counted with the antagonistic action of Alejandra Borrero, Silvia of God and Cristóbal Errázuriz. Teresa Suarez (Margarita Rosa de Francisco), nicknamed "Seagull", and his mother, Carmenza Suárez (Constanza Duque), There are two collection coffee travelling to different coffee growing areas of Colombia looking for work where there are harvest throughout the year. Every October, When the coffee starts peaked, they move to the Casablanca estate in Filandia, where are employment ensured by its owner, Octavio Vallejo. When you start one of the crops, Vallejo dies and his family, that is scattered by the world, return to Casablanca for the funeral. Back at the ranch, After many years of absence, his grandson Sebastián Vallejo (Guy Ecker) meet gull and it overcomes fear having the women. After a couple of meetings they fall in love head over heels, for each one of them being the first concrete experience of love. Both love each other secretly for the aristocratic family, but he must return to London to finish his studies. The two agreed to meet at the turn of a year, on the same date, to get married. Shortly after the departure of Sebastian, Seagull discovers she is pregnant. Not having the means to communicate with him and without having anyone more who are on call, He decides to travel herself to Europe to search for it, being deceived by a network of trafficking in human beings, you take advantage of their naivety hoping to really exploit it as prostitute in Paris. Sebastian returns within a year to meet its commitment and in the village finds out that Gaviota went to Europe as a prostitute. Discouraged, and being influenced by his greedy cousin Iván Vallejo (Cristóbal Errázuriz), she marries her friend Lucía Sandoval (Alejandra Borrero) who agrees to share his life with Sebastian, without sex, in Exchange for being at his side. Seagull, overseas calling itself Carolina Olivares, Finally, he returned to Colombia and Casablanca reaches the same day marriage between Sebastian and Lucia. Disappointed to find out what happened, Gaviota decides to seek out his mother and flee forever from Casablanca to seek a better future in Bogota where after many difficulties returns to the world of coffee, This time in Cafexport, the export company of the Vallejo family, using your identity of Carolina Olivares. Sebastian in turn, repentant for his hasty marriage and devoid of love, He decides to secretly use all its means to find it. His search brings him a conflict with Lucia, who learns everything and does everything possible to keep her marriage, While Ivan and his spouse Lucrecia (Silvia de God) they secretly plan to separate it regardless of Gull to stay with all the heritage of Octavio Vallejo.

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