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Ghostbusters II

Have past five years since the Ghostbusters entered for last time in action. The doctor Peter Venkman, notable parapsychologist's persuasive charms, has been relegated to master of ceremonies of a program of television where it discussed phenomena psychic. Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore colleague make a living entertaining kids at children's parties, and the technological Wizard Egon Spengler continues his research on the effects of human emotions in the field of energy psicomagnetica. The relationship of Dana Barrett with Venkman is dissolved; She was married to another man and had a child, but the marriage failed. Now Dana lives alone in New York, breeding Oscar, your baby of eight months, and working as a restorer of paintings in the Museum of art in Manhattan, next to an eccentric expert on paintings of the period romantic, Janosz Poha. Everything seems normal until Oscar pram wheel alone and gets between the city's dangerous traffic.

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